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Equine Gold Immune/Digestive Supplement

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Equine Gold helps friendly bacteria to thrive – so feeding Equine Gold helps your horse to thrive.



Millions of friendly bacteria are lost from a horses’s digestive tract every day. Friendly bacteria aid digestion and are as important for horses as for humans. Seventy percent of a horse’s immune system depends on a healthy intestine. Stress, age, diet changes, travel, antibiotics and worming can also impact on your horse’s natural defenses. The good news is that you don’t have to change your horse’s life to improve your horse’s health.

Equine Gold™ Immune/Digestive Supplement is a unique live yeast daily feed supplement.

Equine Gold™ Immune/Digestive Supplement
promotes and maintains condition by:

  • Supporting the digestive system
    – maintains normal levels of acidity in the gut
  • Combating the symptoms of stress
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Restoring vitality in older horses
  • Helping sustain appetite even in fussy feeders
Equine Gold™ Immune/Digestive Supplement is suitable for daily use with all horses and ponies.


Equine Gold™ Immune/Digestive Supplement
can help the with treatment of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nervous horse
  • Lack of vitality

Nutritional Info

Contents Amount %
Protein 15.5%
Oil 4.5%
Ash 4.5%
Fibre 8%
Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYCSc47) 8×10 cfu/kg

How and when to use

Equine Gold™ Immune/Digestive Supplement
feed for horses and ponies can be fed as part of a normal balanced diet.

Usage: Simply spread 25g onto the last feed of the day. You’ll find a scoop in the pack.

Packs & Sizes

Product Name Size Included Measuring Device
Equine Gold™ 750 g (30 days supply) 750 g powder unit dose scoop
Equine Gold™ 1.5 kg (60 days supply) 1.5 kg powder unit dose scoop
Equine Gold™ 4.5 kg (180 days supply) 4.5 kg powder unit dose scoop
Equine Gold™ 9 kg (360 days supply) 9 kg powder unit dose scoop